AI-based IT Infrastructure Services and Consulting for Data Centers

Data Center Service Offerings:

In a nutshell, our affordable AI-based Data center IT Infrastructure services and consulting practice identifies inefficiencies and improves overall Operational efficiency of Data Centers of all sizes.

Our rapid yet comprehensive assessment approach of your current IT Infrastructure consisting of

  • physical infrastructure including Servers, Network and Storage,
  • logical infrastructure such as VMs, SDNs and
  • key applications along with
  • enterprise systems such as ITOA, Monitoring and Predictive Analytics

helps in identifying gaps and formulate an optimization and consolidation strategy that’s aligned with business demands and current technology trends.

Our implementation approach includes applying best practices and using our AI-based service intelligence platform comprising of monitoring, analytics and automation tools and related processes thereby optimizing and delivering efficient datacenter IT services to clients.

Specific benefits for Data center clients include

  • Rack Space reduction
  • Reduction in Power Consumption and UPS Capacity
  • Optimisation/Redundancy of applications in Virtualized environment
  • Reduction of support and maintenance cost of hardware and software
  • Overall savings in IT Operating Cost.